Working together with integrated strength to help the realization of Zhongshan Dream

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On July 28, the Party Committee of Zhongshan Group organized Party members to go to the Golden Nail Quality Development Center to hold a party day activity with the theme of "working together with integrated strength", to further study and implement the spirit of Xi Jinping's series of important speeches, and to strengthen the cohesion and teamwork of the Party members of Zhongshan Group.

Professional coaches of League building were invited. Party members were divided into three groups, and carried out ice-breaking games, challenges 150, blind squadrons and other team competitions and cooperation projects. Despite the high temperature of 40 degrees, none of the Party members complained or gave up and took an active part in the League building activities with great enthusiasm. They cooperated, gave advice and help to each other. "One, two, three, go!" Such cheering and encouraging voices were heard from time to time, which fully reflected the excellent accomplishment and teamwork spirit of Party members.

After the League building, Zhu Hongfei, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and deputy general manager, took advantage of the heat to give Party members a lively speech on how to be a qualified party member in the new period. Zhu explained the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's letter to Comrade Niu Ding. As an artist of Shanghai film performance, he is 83 years old and has never given up pursuing progress or "Party membership" all his life. General Secretary Xi Jinping's letter to Comrade Niu Ding provides an important basis for doing a good job in developing Party members at present and in the future, and also puts forward higher requirements for Party members in the new period. Finally, Secretary Zhu came up with five requirements for all comrades: firstly, we must always stand in the forefront of the times and play a vanguard and exemplary role; secondly, we must have firm ideals and beliefs; thirdly, we must have a high degree of organizational discipline; fourthly, we must have a perfect personality; fifthly, we must have a higher comprehensive quality.

At the meeting, members of the party spoke freely about today's League building activities and the contents of the party class. Party member Ye Long said that today’s activities let every Party member deeply realize the importance of teamwork; Qian Weiqiang expressed that Party members should stand up bravely when the masses need him; likely, when the company needs us, we should always be ready; Zhu Huanhuan stated that each Party member should make clear their role in the work and contribute to the team development. Chen Jiajia said that we should link the five criteria of outstanding Party members with our own work, constantly improve the professional skills required by our job, and strive to be a qualified Party member.

All along, the Party Committee of Zhongshan Group attaches great importance to the construction of enterprise culture, and strives to build an efficient, professional and cohesive team of workers, to pay attention to humanistic care, to enhance the ideological and moral level of employees, to build a platform for employees to grow up and develop their talents, to promote the healthy and harmonious development of employees and enterprises, and to help them Realize the Zhongshan dream and the Chinese dream.